Ted Talk Tuesday: Jane Goodall

It felt like a no brainer to share these two TED talks by Jane Goodall from 2007 and 2008. In the first she talks quite a bit about hunting, logging, and the relationship between primate communities and the people who live alongside them. I had a chance to hear her speak in the early 2000s and, while I'm sorry to say I don't remember exactly what she talked about, I do remember that she was completely captivating and entertaining. 

Cynthia Moses worked with Jane making a film about chimps years ago, and she had this to say about Jane Goodall:

She doesn't act like a famous person. She's so committed, and I had a good relationship with her. Jane is one of those people, you know she likes you if she gives you a nickname, and she used to say I was a de Medici.
She was a very interesting woman to be around. She spent her whole time just raising money. Her schedule looks like a crossword puzzle, and she's very committed. When she gives a talk, she's happy to talk to people after the talk, but she really doesn't want a crowd of people follow her around, so she's always got some kind of people around, kind of protecting her, not bodyguards or anything, but it's very interesting. There are people who have been devoted to her for years and years and years. The guy who runs Gombe for her has been out there for decades now. She's a very unusual person. 

http://www.ted.com Jane Goodall hasn't found the missing link, but she's come closer than nearly anyone else. The primatologist says the only real difference between humans and chimps is our sophisticated language. She urges us to start using it to change the world.
http://www.ted.com The legendary chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall talks about TACARE and her other community projects, which help people in booming African towns live side-by-side with threatened animals.