Monday Interview: Filmmaker Cynthia Moses

A while back, I spent two hours talking with filmmaker Cynthia Moses about her fascinating 40+ year career in journalism and documentary filmmaking. She served in the Peace Corps, worked at WNET in the mid-70s, and for ABC News and 60 Minutes, before producing wildlife documentaries for National Geographic, where she became interested in primates and spent years in Central Africa, making films and getting to know the communities near primate habitats. 

Today, Cynthia splits her time between Washington, D.C. and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, where she runs INCEF, a non-profit that educates through "video production and the subsequent dissemination and educator-led discussion of the videos." Cynthia and her team take complex conservation and public health issues, ranging from hunting primates and eating bushmeat to hand-washing and breastfeeding. Over the past ten years, they've reached over a million people, and Cynthia is building an organization that can continue INCEF's work for decades to come.