Julia Collins, our founder and CEO

We believe that it's important to feel like you're spending your time doing something meaningful whether that means doing a job you care about or doing a job that lets you fill the rest of your time with what really matters to you. 

We know it can be really difficult to know what you like doing. We wanted find out more about what different jobs are actually like and who might thrive in a particular career path. Who better to tell us than women doing jobs that they're excited about?

So, we've talked to women from all over the United States in all kinds of different careers to find out more. What does she do and why does she like it? How did she find out about her field? (This was a big one- lots of people we meet who love what they do have jobs we didn't even know existed.)

The girls we knew growing up didn't have all the answers. How did those girls who were figuring things out become women who seem to have it all together? It’s a transformation that happens in a different way for everyone we talk to. 

Our Founder

When she was growing up, Julia Collins wanted to be a book editor, then a judge, then a professor... then by the time she was in college, she had no idea. When she started working, she still wondered what she should be doing with her life. 

In the spring of 2014, Julia fulfilled her lifelong dream of appearing on Jeopardy! She won 20 games, taking second-place on the all-time winners list. The resulting media attention made her think about how we talk about smart women who are doing cool stuff. She was inspired to start Girls Like You and Me to learn how those smart women found careers they love. She's delighted to have found a reason to ask people lots of questions about themselves.

Before Jeopardy!, she worked in supply chain, helping companies have the right things, in the right place, at the right time. She has a Master's in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and a BA in American history and art history. Growing up, she spent a lot of time reading, participating (but not excelling) in a bunch of sports, playing the flute, and being a Girl Scout. She was pretty awkward and very shy, which surprises people who know her as a very talkative adult.

Girls Like You and Me is a 501c3 organization.