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I started off my week with an awesome surprise. I opened facebook late Sunday afternoon to that someone I knew had just posted that she had an extra ticket to see Joan Baez, the Indigo Girls, and Mary Chapin Carpenter play that night on their Four Voices. I had missed out on getting tickets myself and had been kicking myself for missing the chance to see these awesome ladies perform together. I immediately replied that I wanted the ticket and hopped on the train downtown. Guys, I think this is going to end up being the highlight of my summer. I had the best time. To see even one of these acts is totally worth it, but to see them all performing together is awesome. I love all of their music, and it's clear that they all really enjoy being on stage together. It made me wish Lilith Fair would come back!

I was so excited I kept taking blurry iphone photos at the concert.

I was so excited I kept taking blurry iphone photos at the concert.

1) As I write this, families, friends, and other loved ones are gathered nearby for Northwestern University's commencement. Billie Jean King is the commencement speaker, and now I kind of wish I'd gone over to hear her speak. Oops! If you're a new graduate starting your first post-grad job, you might feel like you're ready to take the working world by storm. Before you do, these unspoken rules of the workplace might help you navigate your new workplace with a little more savvy.

2) I still haven't seen Wonder Woman, but I think I might be the only one. Oprah even threw a Wonder Woman themed party! We know there are a bunch of cool women writing comic books today, but did you know that Trina Robbins was the first woman to write Wonder Woman back in 1986?

3) Little kids have gotten really into Wonder Woman, too. Have you seen this list of Wonder Woman moments from her students a kindergarten teacher sent to director Patti Jenkins? Our favorite:
"Seven girls playing together during recess on Tuesday, saying that since they all wanted to be Wonder Woman they had agreed to be Amazons and not fight but work together to defeat evil."

4) I loved reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler growing up, and the first time I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and I made to check out some of the works mentioned in the book. The book came out 50 years ago, and this is the story behind the story.

5) The story of the fight to create a National Women's History Museum, including the question of whether we should have one or not. 

Ted Talk Tuesday: A Hilarious Celebration of Lifelong Female Friendship

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star in the Netlix show Grace and Frankie as somewhat reluctant friends/roommates, but they've actually been friends since they made the movie 9 to 5 back in 1980. In 2015, they talked about how important friendship with other women has been in their lives- and about becoming fast friends with each other and costar Dolly Parton working on 9 to 5. It's funny (obviously) and sweet with a few stats to back up just why having close friendships is good for your health!

(h/t to Merin and the Kit newsletter for putting this talk on my radar!)

Ted Talk: Every Kid Needs a Champion

Janelle Bynum talked about passing opportunity on- from one generation to the next, and within a community- and she sees educational equality and educational opportunity as the key to passing opportunity on to the next generation. She is passionate about education and about pushing for policies that will help minority kids with the understanding that what lifts minority kids will lift everyone...

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