GLYandM Designing Women

Ming Thompson said that "you become a designer because you want to design things, and now we spend a little less time designing, but we're also designing our firm and designing our lives." She made us think about some of the ways other GLYandM women have designed their own lives.

Writer Monica Byrne creates plays, novels, and stories with the support of patrons on Patreon, the creative sponsorship platform. Fran Watson identified an underserved community in legal services and started her own LGBT-focused law practice.

Emily Graslie brings science to life as the Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum, but she spent years developing her voice and knowledge with the Brain Scoop before it became her dream job. Graphic designer Allison Bhatta worked at an ad agency before making the leap to freelance work. After another stint at an agency, she's once again working for herself.

Lizy Dastin combined her love of teaching, art, and LA into her own business, Art and Seeking, to make sure other people know the stories behind the vibrant Los Angeles street art scene. Maree Martinez left behind a traditional teaching career when she moved to Canada, and found a new way to educate as an on-set teacher in Toronto's thriving television and film industry.