Making my own schedule

I'm spending the day working from kind of a strange place: a Greyhound bus.I'm on my way to visit friends. One of the great things about making my schedule is that I can do things like take a mid-week trip. I had to do more work over the weekend, but I'm going to get to have a fun on a Wednesday. It's a good tradeoff. 

I haven't spent much time taking the bus from place to place here in the midwest. Most places are just too far to get to in a few hours, or taking the bus is just less convenient than driving. But, it happened that the friends I'm visiting were about a 4.5-hour drive from me. I really didn't want to spend that much time in the car, and not working. I looked into flying, but it didn't make sense either- much more expensive, and even with a short flight, I'd still be spending 3-4 hours getting to the airport, going through the airport rigamarole, and actually flying.

I decided that a $20 bus ticket and five hours of uninterrupted work with free wifi made the most sense. Plus, I got to bring a giant bottle of seltzer with me that I bought at the grocery store. Containers larger than 3oz: the secret perk of bus travel. After a false-start where I sat in a seat with no outlet, I have been happily plugging away all day (with much more legroom than I would have had in economy).

I'm looking forward to lots of fun with friends, and enjoying summery weather for at least a few more days- it's going to be 90 my whole trip!