On my mind this weekend

I have a lot of conversations with friends that go like this:

"What have you been reading lately?"

"This and That and The Other One..."

"Oh, I've been meaning to read This, and I just read That, but I haven't heard of The Other One"

"It's great/boring/so-so/amazing/read it ASAP so we can talk about it. What did you think of That?!" And we're off...

When I heard about the blog, Girls At Library, "about women who read, for women who read," I was certain it would be right up my alley. And it totally is. I love learning about what someone likes to read and what they look for when they read.

CNN Money notes that "financial education is still very much a 'learn it at home' activity," and asks, "Sex ed is required. Why isn't financial education?" It's a pretty quick read, but definitely thought-provoking. I think I had slightly more financial education than average through high school, but I've had to learn so much as an adult.

Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles is moving into a cool new role at Hearst magazines. She'll be their first chief content officer, where she'll work on "extending the company's brands beyond just print magazines and websites."  

I've been visiting friends in two different cities since Tuesday, which has kept me pretty busy laughing, chatting, eating, and playing with one very cute baby. But we'll be back Monday with two new interviews- both with women in science!

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