On My Mind...

What's on my mind this week? Well, it was the Olympics, for most of the week. Then Wednesday's horrific school shooting in Florida crowded all of my other thoughts out. The inhumanity of the murders themselves is mirrored in the unwillingness of too many of our lawmakers to act to prevent crimes like these from taking place again. Please hold them accountable. 
But, earlier in the week, quite a few things caught my eye about women, the workplace, and women in the workplace.

1) The Atlantic has taken concrete steps to improve the gender balance of the people they interview for their stories. The New York Times considers what's behind the gender balance to begin with. 

2) The myth of the "good girl" who's bad with money. 

3) On a lighter note, 26 women talk about mistakes they made at work, from botched travel arrangements to accidentally slicing off a toe. (Yikes!) 

4) The case for bragging.

5) This woman is teaching her two young daughters to be rude

6) I love watching the Winter Olympics, and few people have embodied the best of the games like badass, 17-year-old, gold-medal-winning, snowboarder Chloe Kim. 

Chloe Kim.JPG