On My Mind...

It's Friday, and the sun is shining, my peonies are blooming, and I'm listening to Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as I type this. Can you believe that it was 50 years ago, er, yesterday Sgt Pepper taught the band to play? Like anyone born after the early '60s, the Beatles have always been part of my musical landscape. And, like just about everyone else I've always loved them. (I even had a poster of the Sgt Pepper album cover in my bedroom growing up.) It's hard to imagine hearing it for the first time. Apparently the New York Times panned it!

1) The new Wonder Woman movie opens this weekend, and it's been getting great reviews. I don't normally go for action movies or comic-book movies, but maybe I'll check this one out. Are you all seeing it? Should I?
A theater in Austin, Texas had a women-only showing of the movie, and wow, were a lot of trollish dudes mad about that! Someone wrote to the mayor of Austin about it, calling for a boycott of the entire city (!!!), and his response is priceless.

2) Anthony Bourdain is a pretty ubiquitous presence in the travel/cooking show universe. Have you ever wondered how he went from chef to tv personality? Meet the woman who turned Anthony Bourdain into a TV star.

3) It's always exciting to see women we've interviewed in the past doing cool things. Monica Byrne announced this week that she's hosting a new documentary series for VICE, and the first episode is full of some pretty wild innovations and the human body.

4) Another past interviewee, Lizy Dastin talked about her work with street art, and venturing into creating some street art herself.

Bicycle poster

5) I saw an exhibit of art noveau posters earlier this week, and my favorite was of a woman riding a bike through the French countryside, scaring a flock of geese. I explained to my friends that riding a bike was a symbol of women's liberation, and there had even been a book about it. Yesterday, I came across a video explaining the movement, and thought it was a perfect time to share it, since this time of year always feels like the perfect time for a bike ride.