Monday Interview with Professional Education Director Teresa Brazen

Today, we have the third installment in our series of women who all work at the same user experience design firm, Cooper. Professional education is an important part of Cooper's work, and Teresa Brazen, as Senior Director of Professional Education, is "responsible for the vision and direction of everything Cooper does that is training-related." Training and education are intertwined with Cooper's consulting work. Training can be part of a consulting project, lead to consulting work, or come after a project is done. Training and education can be a critical component to organizational transformation at a client. 

Teresa went to journalism school and spent years working as a visual artist. She tells us that these are all part of what makes her good at her job. She says, "There are a lot of tools that I use in classes: my art past and improv skills; skills that I learned in my journalism training; storytelling, being comfortable in a room in front of a bunch of people telling stories, asking provocative questions that get people thinking. I’m also really attuned to what people need in order to really access their creativity and to think really innovatively."