On My Mind: Earth Day and a Special Day for Me

Happy Friday! Aside from the interesting things I've read and watched this week, tomorrow is Earth Day, and a March for Science is taking place in many cities. I feel like I do a pretty good job of recycling, but I'm going to recommit to getting better at the first two R's- reduce and reuse. And I'm going to continue to work at making my garden a good habitat for birds, bees, and other insects. (I already keep it pesticide-free.)

April 21st is also a special day for me personally: it's the anniversary of my first Jeopardy! win! Three years have passed since my first episode aired, and I had no idea what would come out of the experience. I was actually pretty nervous about the show airing- more nervous than I'd been before I taped the episodes- because I didn't know what to expect. I was also excited to let everyone in on the secret I'd been keeping for three months, when I started taping. 

The "reaction shot" after I won on Jeopardy! I think someone took a photo of their TV and sent it to me, but it's my favorite!

The "reaction shot" after I won on Jeopardy! I think someone took a photo of their TV and sent it to me, but it's my favorite!

1) How One Tech Company Ditched Its Brogrammers, hired more women as software engineers, and changed their interview process. Apparently they're onto something. According to some recent studies, interviews don't test for the qualities that actually correlate to job success.

2) Women are often told we apologize too much. In fact, women do apologize more often than men. That's often chalked up to low self-confidence, a reason that's always sounded a little hollow to me. A high level of self-confidence doesn't mean you'll never have anything to apologize for. In fact, I think a person who isn't afraid to apologize when he or she is wrong is probably someone with healthy self-confidence. What if the real issue isn't that women apologize too much, but that men apologize too little? 

3) Spring has me itching to spend some quality time outdoors. If you're in need of some outdoor inspiration, Mary Anderson, founder of outdoor retailer REI, died a few weeks ago at 107 and Outside Magazine wants us to know that The Future of Adventure is Female.

4) Spring is also the start to my favorite sports season of the year- baseball season! And it's the 25th anniversary of my favorite sports movie, A League of Their Own. (Sorry, Mighty Ducks.) Geena Davis talks about the impact the movie has had on her and reflects on gender and the film industry. 

5) If you've been missing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, like I have, you're in luck! Rachel Bloom has a new video out called "Lady Boss," a hilarious take on the contradictory expectations for women leaders. Are you ambivalent about descriptors like Lady Boss or Girlboss? You're not alone.