Monday Interview: Career Counselor Amanda Peters

Amanda Peters helps students at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard "find ways to find connections between the impact they want to make, the skills and experiences that they bring from elsewhere, and the skills and experiences they are getting at the school." Part of Amanda's job is to be a thoughtful listener- to learn what her students hope to do and what they want to accomplish.

I met Amanda when I as a grad student at MIT and Amanda was the career counselor who worked with students in my program. I was at loose ends about what to do after graduation, and a friend suggested I meet with her. We talked about my past work experience and what I might want to do with myself. I didn't have any good ideas, but Amanda did. She asked insightful questions and gave me some resources to pursue and things to think about. Seven years later, I remember how valuable it was to have someone to talk to who could offer real help. It was a real pleasure learning about Amanda's career path- from high school activism, to retail, to career counseling.