Visiting Lacuna in Chicago with Art & Seeking

Earlier this week I had a special visitor, Lizy Dastin! We did the normal things you do when friends visit- talking, eating, talking, laughing- but since Lizy is a street art maven, we also spent some time looking at street art. We drove around looking for potholes filled the mosaic ice cream treats. (We found one, but the other we looked for had been paved over by the city.)

Lizy had also arranged through some of the artists she knows for us to get a tour of the Lacuna Lofts in Pilsen here in Chicago. The building is a former macaroni factory that now houses businesses, non-profits, an event space, and women-owned a maker space that made me wish I had an excuse to make something. The coolest thing about the building is that not only is the exterior covered in cool murals and art, inside, there's art around every corner.