On my mind...

As we go into another week, it feels like I've been reading a lot about women in the workplace throughout their lives (including well before they join the workforce).

1) Start 'em young: Some strategies to teach middle-school age girls to be good self-advocates.

2) Disrupt leadership assumptions: Some strategies for how we can all use language that doesn't imply gender roles in the workplace. Think "chair" instead of "chairman." And, how advertisers can disrupt stereotypes by showing women as leaders.

3) A bigger picture solution: More flexible schedules for everyone could help close the workplace gender gap. 

4) Striking out on your own: One woman's story of quitting her job and following her dream of becoming a photographer.

5) Who wants to retire?: Hearing the stories of people who love what they do is the whole reason GLYandM exists, so it's exciting to hear about women in their 60s and 70s who are having "way too much fun" to retire.

6) Just for fun: This rad all-women motorcycle crew makes me almost (but not really) want to get a motorcycle so I could hang out with them.