On my mind...

In our interview with Wendy Land-Carillo, she explained that a major motivation in starting her own floor brokerage business in the late '80s after working at a company was knowing she was not getting paid as much as her male colleagues. Wendy also told us that she's maintained come of her client relationships for over twenty years. 

I thought of those two elements of Wendy's professional when I read Sallie Krawcheck's essay, "It's 2017. Why are we still asking women to act like men at work?" She talks about the investment industry, which she's spent her career in, as CEO of SmithBarney and Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment and now as founder and CEO of Ellevest, and the value that companies derive from having more women at the table and that women derive from becoming investors themselves.

I also found the findings from a survey about gender equality in the workplace fascinating. This focused on the ways that men and women perceive gender equality in their workplaces across different dimensions, like access to management opportunities and whether there were enough leadership opportunities for women. Neither men nor women believed that maternity leave policies or support for families were very good.

One way that companies are looking to bring women into leadership roles? By seeking them out for corporate boards. I loved learning about some of the younger women who are being courted by tech companies for seats on their boards. 

While I was writing this, Independent Women kept popping into my head. Have a great rest of the weekend!