Life as a New York City realtor with Melissa Leifer

New York City is known as a tough place to buy or rent an apartment, and many people turn to a real estate agent like Melissa Leifer, who has spent over a decade helping people rent, buy, and sell homes all over New York City. Growing up, Melissa loved acting and admired Madonna for her power and talent. After attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Melissa did voiceover work and a handful of other jobs, before friends suggested she'd be a great realtor. They were right. Melissa found that her acting skills helped her listen to, understand, and communicate well with her clients- and that the frequent rejection of acting auditions gave her the ability to roll with the challenges she faces in real estate. Today, Melissa gets to build her own business within her agency and constantly develop her own skillsets while having the "privilege" of being part of people's major life events.