Check Out the New Movie, Equity!

I've been waiting for months for the movie Equity it to make its way to theaters. I finally had the chance to see it over the weekend, and I really liked it. It seems like most movies about Wall Street focus on men. All too often, the women in them are little more than trophies. (I'm looking at you, Wolf of Wall Street.)

Equity, on the other hand, stars Anna Gunn, best known as Skyler White from Breaking Bad. AND, she's not the only woman with a nuanced, well-developed role. Plus was written, directed, and produced by women. The story was gripping, and I thought it was cool to get a glimpse into what goes into taking a company public. (I know it's a fictional drama, but from what I understand, it covers the major elements to an IPO.)

Check out this Q&A with the director, Meera Menon, and this story about how Equity got made.