We can use biology in space?!

As I write this, I'm at summer camp! I'm not a camper (unfortunately), but for the second summer, I'm a guest for a few days at a really cool science and technology-oriented summer camp in Massachusetts. I'll be talking to the campers about some of the cool stuff I learned when I visited the Kennedy Space Center last spring, so I thought I'd share a video about some of the amazing things we can learn from space.

Dr. Aomawa Shields is an astronomer and astrobiologist, and also a classically trained actor. She "studies the climate and habitability of planets outside of the Solar System," and explains how she uses models to assess if planets could support life in this fascinating TED talk

She's also the founder of Rising Stargirls, which engages girls in interactive astronomy workshops using theater, writing, and visual art. How cool that she found a way to combine her love of acting and astronomy and share them with girls! Dr. Shields talks more about her work and explains what an astrobiologist does on the TED blog.