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Emily is the woman behind The Brain Scoop, the awesome youtube channel based out of Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Because "the purpose of TBS is to share with the public the behind-the-scenes work of natural history museums, their research and collections," we thought we should share some of our favorite Brain Scoop videos with you all. Definitely check out all the videos- there's something for every interest! 

The first two highlight some of different ways The Brain Scoop brings science into our lives. "Carl Akeley's Striped Hyenas" explores the product of a long-term project Emily spearheaded to build a diorama at the Field for their striped hyenas, which included many months and a successful Indiegogo campaign. "The Taxonomy of Candy" is a fun video on the concept of taxonomy, the way things are classified. It's a great example of how The Brain Scoop makes scientific concepts accessible to everyone.

These two video give some fascinating background on some of the Field Museum's animal specimens. "The Flapper and the Panda" seems like it could be right out of a movie- someone should adapt it as a screenplay. The Man=Eating Lions of Tsavo have been a museum stalwart for a long, long time, and it was great to learn more about them.

heck out books Emily recommends for her work, which all sound amazing. (You can see more of Emily's reading picks here.) And, hear her talk about some of her experiences being a woman on the internet.

Read our interview with Emily and check out her reading picks.