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Part of Breanna's role at Indiegogo is to help campaigns set themselves up for success.

Breanna shared some of her favorite women-driven Indiegogo campaigns with us.

The Miss Possible Marie Curie doll- the result of a successful campaign!  Image:  Miss Possible

The Miss Possible Marie Curie doll- the result of a successful campaign! Image: Miss Possible

  • Breanna talked about getting to see the idea for Miss Possible- dolls for kids that portray real pioneering women- develop from a concept to a real doll and an interactive website through its campaign.
  • Maybe you saw #ILookLikeAnEngineer on Twitter or Instagram when it went viral in 2015. Its creators decided to take it offline, and raise funds for a billboard to normalize the idea of women in engineering.
  • App Camp for Girls ran campaigns in 2013 and 2015 to fund a camp for girls to learn how to design and develop iPhone apps with women developers and designers. The camp has expanded from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • These are just a tiny sampling of campaigns focused on girls and women. There are new campaigns all the time. Check out Indiegogo's Celebration of Female Entrepreneurs and read more about how they support women-led and focused campaigns.

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