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Basic consumer finance

Julia remembers taking the consumer economics test in Illinois; at that time it was the only state to require it. Today, 17 states require that high school students learn basic consumer finance before they graduate. This is great news, because more students will learn critical financial information, and will be exposed to the subject that sparked Amber's interest in college. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a great resource to steer consumers toward making good personal financial decisions.  You can learn about paying for college and managing your money as a student and making major financial decisions like getting a car loan and buying a home. Some states offer course

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Personal Financial Planning

Amber is working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner, a certification that combines work experience with standardized tests that is overseen by the Certified Financial Planner Board.

Strategies for being organized

Amber looks at her clients’ financial lives and puts all their accounts, including retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs, and income sources, like social security, pensions, and investment income together into one picture. For clients, it involves sharing highly personal information with Amber, a responsibility Amber takes very seriously. She has to keep her clients’ information really organized, a skill she’s been developing since she was a kid.

Getting organized and staying organized can be tough, but there are ways to staying on top of things from your calendar to your closet and how to approach it when you’re super busy or messy by nature. Some people go low-tech swear by bullet journaling to keep their lives together.

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